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RE/MAX Commercial Advantages

Many commercial real estate companies still operate like they did 20 or 30 years ago. Instead of focusing on support at reasonable costs, they do everything possible to get between the agent and the client by claiming to be critical to a transaction’s success.

Commercial agents are told that the company deserves its large slice of the commission because without the company’s resources, agents can’t earn business and can’t deliver the level of services that clients demand. At RE/MAX, we just don’t buy that.

Who really generates most of your business? Who does your research and number crunching? Who meets face-to-face with the principals and shepherds all the details to completion? Just what does your company do to earn its cut?

We believe the organization’s role is built on the following:

  • Provide a powerful brand name that adds to the credibility built by your hard work.
  • Nurture and protect your one-on-one relationships with your clients, customers and fellow practitioners.
  • Enable direct agent-to-agent networking and team-building to deliver customized, personalized service – anywhere in the world.
  • Ensure that the person doing most of the work (you), reaps the maximum reward.

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RE/MAX Commercial Benefits

Global presence
Nearly 3,400 RE/MAX Commercial professionals offer commercial/ investment services in about 1,200 markets in 29 countries and territories.

Online marketing
The RE/MAX Commercial Information Exchange is powered by CCIMNet. The database of commercial and investment properties is in the Commercial section of The public can search listings, contact RE/MAX Commercial professionals, and post commercial needs.

Online resources
The RE/MAX members-only intranet site,, offers RE/MAX Commercial practitioners a depth of networking and informational resources, including CCIMNet’s online publishing software, CIE Manager, the industry’s best property-marketing software.

Designation courses
CCIM courses (at discount) and other advanced commercial training are available at RE/MAX conventions, conferences, online, and on the RE/MAX satellite television network.

CCIM designees
RE/MAX Commercial has one of the industry's largest contingents Certified Commercial Investment Members.




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