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RE/MAX Mainstreet

Tour Mainstreet

Visit the sign-in page for RE/MAX Mainstreet and take a flash tour. Only RE/MAX members can enter the site, but the tour will give you a good indication of all the tools and resources being used by RE/MAX Associates. Look for the tour bus icon.

The RE/MAX network's foremost informational and networking tool - and one of the most significant technological developments in RE/MAX history - is RE/MAX Mainstreet.

Through the free, members-only extranet, tens of thousands of Associates exchange ideas and friendship, help each other solve problems, download files, purchase products from RE/MAX Approved Suppliers, and receive daily news of RE/MAX and the real estate industry.

RE/MAX Mainstreet is open only to RE/MAX Affiliates, RE/MAX employees and RE/MAX Approved Suppliers. The key areas of the site are:

  • Message Boards for online discussion threads
  • A Downloads area for documents, forms, and other resource material submitted by RE/MAX Affiliates and RE/MAX International
  • The eMarketPlace, in which Affiliates can search for Approved Suppliers by company name, specialty or geographic area, and purchase merchandise online.
  • The RE/MAX Web Roster, through which agents can search for referral candidates by geographical area, specialties, designations, productivity clubs and more.
  • The Conventions section of Mainstreet offers comprehensive information on RE/MAX gatherings, plus online convention registration.
  • RE/MAX Satellite Network information, including schedules and program descriptions - plus hundreds of RSN streaming videos - can be accessed on Mainstreet.

RE/MAX e-mail address

Every RE/MAX Affiliate also receives a forwarding e-mail address with the suffix The address clearly and directly links individual practitioners to the power of the RE/MAX name. All e-mail sent to an Affiliate’s address is automatically forwarded to whatever primary e-mail account the Affiliate has indicated. All forwarded e-mail also is first scanned for viruses and spam by one of the top filtering providers in the industry. The filtering database is maintained and updated around the clock based on examining and categorizing unsolicited commercial messages – not by dictionary keyword filtering. This dramatically reduces errors while eliminating 98 percent of known spam.



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  • Web Roster
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