Market Watch
These number reflect sales activity in Johnson County, KS for February, 2012. The information has been compiled from the Heartland Multiple Listing Service and is deemed reliable.
         Sales      Inventory  
  This Year To Date 469 2,911  
  Last Year to Date 353 3,673  
  Percentage Change  33%+  21%-  
  Average Selling Price   
  This Year To Date $230.3k    
  Last Year To Date $230.6k    
  Percentage Change  .1%-    

Wow, look at these numbers.  Sales are up 33% from last year and Inventory is down 21%.  Usually when Inventory drops demand for the remaining properties increases.  The numbers show this is happening in Johnson County right now.  Even though the average price droped slightly, this is a success.  Our average price decline is almost -0-.  We haven''t seen this since 2006.

Does this finally signal a market change? Stay tuned for our next Market Watch report.

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  Johnson County News of the Day

The Johnson County Motor Vehicle Office located at 6000 Lamar Avenue in Mission has reopened to the public for business.

Johnson County Motor Vehicle serves Johnson County residents in the titling, renewing, and registering of their vehicles. The Mission Motor Vehicle Office was temporary closed for renovation beginning, Thursday, December 1, 2011. The office renovation is part of a major remodeling project, with an estimated cost of $5 million, at the Johnson County Northeast Office building, which was built in 1972 to provide services to the citizens in the northeast part of the county.