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RE/MAX Training and Coaching

Not just training, but training that respects your schedule, your life

For most agents, finding training opportunities in recent years hasn’t really been a big challenge. The challenge is finding training that will actually pay off – and then finding the time to take advantage of such training.

An abundance of training can be found through local boards, state associations, regional conferences, professional associations, real estate schools, independent online providers, and traveling seminars. Most of it, though, is extremely basic. Even with online advancements, the real challenge hasn’t changed: finding flexible, easy access to dynamic, top-quality training that targets where you are in your career – and doesn’t interrupt your business.

That’s the training and coaching challenge RE/MAX has focused on – and met.

Because most agents who join RE/MAX already have extensive real estate sales experience, RE/MAX skews its training toward an advanced level. And because RE/MAX agents are closing more transactions than most other agents, RE/MAX delivers a large percentage of its training via satellite television – straight to homes or offices via DISH Network and the
RE/MAX Satellite Network, RSN®.

RE/MAX is the only real estate network with a satellite television network. Of course, RE/MAX covers all the other bases as well, with online services, CD-ROM courses, video courses, and state, regional, national and international conventions and conferences – as well as training by individual brokerages and groups of brokerages.

RE/MAX even has a comprehensive in-office boot-camp program, 100 Days to Greatness, for new agents, a huge benefit to team-leader agents who prefer adding new licensees who are free of nonproductive habits.

On TV via the RE/MAX
Satellite Network

On-Line via RE/MAX

Face to face at RE/MAX
conventions, conferences,

For new agents via 100 Days to Greatness